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Thoughts on Voting

This is a big political year with what seems to be an amazing amount of chaos going on. The range of emotions, feelings, and actions being expressed is incredibly diverse and often passionate. So I thought I would add my two cents to the mix.

This is what I have been hearing in my spirit.

The love of money is the root of all evil
Let the dead vote for the dead
You come and follow me

This isn't to say that we shouldn't vote. What it points out is that the act of voting is not an expression of the Kingdom of God. The kingdom is peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Spirit. If we recognize our brothers and sisters and honor what God is doing in them regardless of how they vote then that is an expression of the Kingdom. If we recognize great faith in God even through it is in someone who is obedient to a group or government that is persecuting and killing God's people (e.g. Jesus and the Roman Centurion) then that is an expression of God's Kingdom. If we can't show our love for one another because of political passions then, maybe, that is an expression of spiritual death. 

If you are wondering what love looks like, read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.

It is important to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. Sometimes the passions of our flesh rise up even when we have seen God do amazing things in our lives. Luke Chapter 9 talks about Jesus sending out the disciples to minister, to drive out demons and cure diseases. God worked mightily through them. Then they saw Jesus feed 5,000 or more people. Peter, John, and James saw Jesus glorified and heard the voice of the Father. Then Jesus set himself to go to Jerusalem and sent messengers to a Samaritan village to prepare for him and the Samaritans rejected Jesus because he was headed to Jerusalem. So James and John asked Jesus if they should call down fire from heaven to destroy the Samaritans. And Jesus had to rebuke them. They were with Jesus, but they still didn't understand Jesus.

Matthew 23:12-13
12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

In the last days, because iniquity will abound the love of many will grow cold. We really don't want that to be said about us; that our love has grown cold because of the iniquity in others or ourselves. One of my favorite songs by the band PFR has this chorus:

Oh, where does that kind of love come from
They say that it runs in His blood
Oh, where can I find that kind of love
They say it runs in His blood
That Kind of Love by PFR

However you vote, if you vote or don't vote, whatever you do, let the blood and love of Jesus run through your life each day. God is calling people to follow him from every walk of life, every political persuasion, every nation. We will have to take up our cross each day and surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit in order to recognize all who have been baptized into the body of Christ, and in order to express the love of Jesus to each other and the world.

On a side note, my daughter says that the phrase "Let the dead vote for the dead" would make a great bumper sticker for christian anarchists, if they had money to pay for bumper stickers. Just a shout out to the brothers and sisters in the christian anarchism movement. 


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