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Role of Women in the Church

My daughter's church was going through Timothy and they asked her to teach 1 Timothy 2 since it speaks to the role of women in the church. This is her teaching. It is about 30 minutes long.


We talked a bit about parts of this concerning childbirth in some emails. Below are some excerpts from my thoughts on that topic.

Having a child can be a hard thing. Let's suppose, for a moment, that verses 13-14 were not new, they people had heard this before. Timothy had probably heard all of this before. If this was something that people in Ephesus had heard as teachers were dealing with some of the heresy there then one result could be that some of the women feared childbirth and saw it as a punishment for Eve's sin. But Malachi 2:15 says that God is looking for godly offspring. So having children is actually a blessed experience and not a punishment.

Maybe Paul is simply telling them that there is safety in living a christian life, that God will stand by them and have his hand on them during childbirth, that all his thoughts toward them are good and full of hope, not punishment. Maybe it was just important to let them know that they were not being punished. Genesis 3:16 is a consequence but looks like punishment. But because of Jesus the Holy Spirit not only hovers over but lives within every daughter of God as she is giving birth to the godly offspring that God desires. That's not punishment. That's awesome.

I like this version. It reminds us that a woman and her husband are one flesh.

Weymouth New Testament
Yet a woman will be brought safely through childbirth if she and her husband continue to live in faith and love and growing holiness, with habitual self-restraint.